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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today I will chose to be happy and to praise my heavenly Daddy through out my day!!!

*~*Thursday at my Home*~*
Start of my day:

  1. Bible & Prayer Time ♥Done♥
  2. Breakfast  ♥Done♥
  3. Feed Anna/Belle  ♥Done♥
  4. Let Anna/Belle out  ♥Done♥
  5. Shower ♥Done♥
  6. Dress to shoes ♥Done♥
  7. Hair & Makeup ♥Done♥
  8. Jewelery ♥Done♥
  9. Mt. Washmore to laundry  ♥Done♥
  10. Sort Mt. Washmore  ♥Done♥
  11. Mt. Washmore on 1  ♥Done♥ 
  12. Mt. Washmore in dryer 1♥Done♥
  13. Mt. Washmore in ♥Done♥
  14. What's for dinner??? Lamb Chops & Veggies ♥Done♥
  15. Unpack dishwasher ♥Done♥
  16. Put dishes away ♥Done♥
  17. Tidy kitchen ♥Done♥
  18. Dinner Prep. ♥Done♥
  19. Put all grocery's away ♥Done♥
  20. Tidy fridge as I go ♥Done♥
  21. Tidy pantry as I go ♥Done♥
  22. 15 Minutes sewing curtains
  23. Go out to buy Medication
  24. Go out to Spotlight ♥Done♥
  25. Go to Red Dot ♥Done♥
  26. Go to Thinz's   ♥Done♥
  27. Do 5 Minutes in caravan ♥Done♥
  28. Go to HJ's if needed ♥Done♥
  29. Go to IGA ♥Done♥
  30. Make up menu for the month ♥Done♥
  31. Feed the chooks ♥Done♥
  32. Feed the fish ♥Done♥
  33. Check the ponds fill if needed ♥Done♥
  34. Make up shopping list ♥Done♥
  35. Cook dinner ♥Done♥
  36. Dish dinner ♥Done♥
  37. S & S Bathroom after Josh's shower ♥Done♥
  38. Dinner ♥Done♥
  39. 15 Minute cleanup after dinner ♥Done♥
  40. Restack dishwasher ♥Done♥
  41. Dishwasher on ♥Done♥
  42. Down time with Ant ♥Done♥
  43. Tuck Joshua in ♥Done♥
  44. Bed ♥Done♥

I will be back to finish this tomorrow I am so tired and not feeling to well from this awful gastro bug!!!

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