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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

*~*My Veggie Garden*~*

Animated Gardening Smiley

 Today I have decided to start a veggie garden with all the storms, floods and other wild weather I think it's time!
So I shall go out and find a suitable place in our garden and also go to Bunnings to check out the price of shade cloth to protect the seeds and seedling from the harsh heat!
I am looking forward to starting this and seeing how everything grows! I already have chooks for the eggs so I think it's time to be a tad more self reliant !
I think I will start with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and snow peas and see how they go! I will post photo's as I go!!!

I am also go to look at and price fruit trees it's time to look after my own and not have to rely on the supermarket!


  1. Good for you! I just placed an online order for seeds today. I love having a garden.

  2. Hi Jilly -

    This post makes me think, "How does your garden grow." I believe that, when I was young, that was wording from a nursery rhyme.
    The best to you in your garden growing. No doubt it has health benefits beyond what is store bought.

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