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Friday, August 19, 2011

*~*My Heart*~*

Wow! I can't believe I haven't been here for weeks and the reason is that I have been in hospital with *Heart Failure* However I am out now and attempting to get on with my life even if it is mainly resting! LOL!! God is so good they caught it all in time and I didn't have any fits or die but according to the Doctor I cut close!! 
I am now learning to live with a lot of medical tests and a lot of appointments with Doctors; Monday I go to get a special box thingy put on so they can see what my heart is doing in a 24 hour gap! I am not looking forward to sleeping with it but my Mama who has had it said it's fine and it's only for 24 hours so lets get it done!!
I do feel a bit rough about it all I guess at only 52 I feel a quite cheated that this has happened; (it is normally a problem you only get when you are in your 80's) but I am told that feeling like that is normal and that I will go back to feeling a bit more normal in time so that is good. Well I am off to do a few things so I will talk later!!!
{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} to everyone and remember to look after your hearts we only get one and it has to last us our entire life!!!


  1. Oh, Jilly, I just now saw your post. I am so sorry you've had trouble, but thank God!! it was caught in time. Just get better and stay around to take care of your Sweetie. Prayers going your way, Elaine

  2. Thank you Elaine, for your kind message things are getting worked out now; so yes God is so good!!! Thanks for the prayers, I pray all is well with you and yours!