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Sunday, March 27, 2011

*~*It's Terrific Tuesday*~*

Woohoo! It's grocery shopping today so it's off to buy food for my precious family!
Bunnings as well!
Groceries ♥Done♥
Put shopping away ♥Done♥
Take Joshua out for dinner ♥Done♥
Rest with Ant on couch ♥Done♥
Design new quilt square ♥Done♥
Bed ♥Done♥

I didn't get to Bunnings I felt so sick so I just did what I had to and went home I was so grateful to Antony and Joshua they came with me to do the groceries and that helped a lot! I think I may of forgotten most of the stuff even though I had a list. If I was on my own! Thanks guys I love you heaps and heaps!!!

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