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Monday, March 21, 2011

*~*~*My Thoughts And Plans For The Week*~*~*

Have a great week 

My hopes and plans for this week!
Shops for medications ♥Done♥
Food ♥Done♥
Visit Mum and Dad ♥Done♥
Plant more seeds ♥Done♥
Today has gone great now for an early night YES!!!♥ 

Grout the Shower/Bath ♥Done♥
Showers @ Mum and Dads ♥Done♥
Bake Daddy's Bread and take it to him ♥Done♥


Baked Dad's Bread ♥Done♥
Water garden ♥Done♥
Take bread to Dad's ♥Done♥
Planted more seeds ♥Done♥


Buy medications♥Done♥
Buy Fish food ♥Done♥
Go to Jarcar with Ant ♥Done♥
Take Joshua for drive ♥Done♥
Take blood pressure machine back to Mum ♥Done♥
Go to IGA ♥Done♥


Deep clean bathroom ♥Done♥
Help Ant with fixing the roof ♥Done♥
Roast 2 chickens ♥Done♥


Baking 1 ♥Done♥ 2 ♥Done♥
Afternoon Tea with Jen and Folks ♥Done♥ 


Go for Family drive ♥Done♥
Go to Mum & Dad's for *Midsummer Murder*  ♥Done♥
Rest & Relax ♥Done♥

Ok! Lets see how that all goes!

Well this week has been good I got things done I really wanted to so all is good!!!

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