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Monday, December 12, 2011

*~*Christmas is almost here*~*

I was thinking today about Christmas and all we do to celebrate it the cooking, clean, decorating the home, baking, shopping for the right gift, then wrapping them all, writing the right greeting and the list goes on.............................................all of that is fine and right to do our families mean so much to us we love them and want everything to be just right; or dare I say perfect for them.
However I was thinking about the reason we even celebrate it. The reason my family does is to remember the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ the one who redeemed us from sin and all that sin brings into our lives! This Christmas is very special for me as in August I was diagnosed with advanced heart failure. To be quite honest I felt so bad in August for awhile there I didn’t  know if I would make it to Christmas Day but God has been so merciful to me; my heart has improved so much. I don’t need to see my Cardiologist till April. So it is with great joy that I look forward to celebrating Christmas with my precious family and friends. As well as remembering that Jesus is the whole reason we stop and celebrate on this happy day!
From my family to yours, I wish you all the very best for this wonderful Christmas!!!
Jilly oxoxoxo

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