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Friday, October 19, 2012


Today is my menu planning day, so here is what I have come up with for the fortnight ahead! I love planning what I will cook for my precious family ahead of time - it means if something happens out-side the ordinary, it's all okay! Life still goes on without having to pay for expensive take aways! If there is one thing I hate, it's when life does take an unexpected turn, and I have to go out on top of everything else and get some take aways!
Tuesday Joshua's Take Aways
Wednesday Fish Cakes & Veggies
Thursday Ham & Cheese Crosants
Friday Lamb Chops & Veggies
Saturday Potatoes with Cheese & Mince
Sunday Roast & Veggies
Monday Cannelloni & Veggies
Tuesday Fried Rice
Wednesday Roast Rolls & Wedges
Thursday Honey & Soy Chicken & Veggies    Friday Fried Rice
Saturday Shepherd's Pie & Veggies
Sunday Roast & Veggies
Monday Lamb & Noodles & Veggies
Tuesday Joshua's Take Aways 
So what is on your menu for the fortnight?

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