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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Outside my window ~ I can see the *Morning Glory*, it would be so pretty if it didn't grow everywhere and swamp everything!
I am thinking ~ That I hope the new medication helps my precious Hubby with his depression!
I am thankful for ~ My Family!
From the kitchen ~ Think of what to cook for dinner!
I am wearing ~Jeans and a blue top!
I am creating ~ Some curtains for my Mama and Daddy  caravan! 
I am going ~ To enjoy being at home!
I am reading ~ Down To Earth!
I am praying ~ That my precious Hubby find happiness and joy!
I am hearing ~ My darling sons music hit the road jack!
Around the house ~ The normal family noises! Beautiful!
Hoping ~ My cat Anna comes home and she has not died somewhere!
One of my favorite things ~ Watch *Midsomer Murder* snuggled up with Antony! (With Chocolate of course!)
A few things for the rest of the week ~To get the caravan curtains finished and Joshua's boxer shorts made up!

Jilly oxoxoxo

1 comment:

  1. I do hope your cat comes home. Have a wonderful week!