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Sunday, December 12, 2010

*~*~*Happy Monday*~*~*

Good Morning Girls, I am getting in early as I have a lot to do today! Because I had two days of rest in a row! laugh.gif I hope we all slept well and are ready to Fly together!!! wink.gif

*~*~*Jilly's To Do List*~*~*

Morning Routine:
Prayer & Bible Time
Feed Anna/Belle
Anna/Belle in out

Puter Time:

Read E-mails
Read Blogs
Read News
Make Phone calls
Face Book
F.A.C.E. 15 Minutes 1 2 3 4
15 Minutes on Paper Work 1 2 3
15 Minutes Laminating 1 2 3 4

Family Things:
Work on our home
Visit Mum & Dad
Fill pill boxes A J M

*~*Jilly's Time*~*

Shower/Wash Hair
Dress to shoes
Hair & Makeup
15 Minute walk
HJ's 15 Minutes

Home Up Keep:

15 Minutes on Quilt 1 2 3 4
Cut trim for door
Undercoat trim
Paint trim pink
Put handle on door
Put door on cupboard
Put handle on door
Paint letters ♥ R O S E S ♥
Finish Roses sign

Time out Shopping:

Big Bubble


Apron on
Fill sink with hot water
Unpack dishwasher
Put dishes away
Check freezer for shopping
Check pantry for shopping
What’s for dinner?
Dinner Prep.
Clean kitchen:
* Microwave
*Cupboard doors
*Range Hood filters
Baking 1 2 3
Finish dinner
Recycling out
Rubbish out
Dish dinner
Dish Ice-cream
Re-stake dishwasher
Dishwasher on

Ant's & My Bedroom:

Tidy 123
Make bed
Sweep floor

Joshua's Bedroom:

Make bed
Sweep floor

S & S Loo
Scrub basin
Wipe down vanity
Sweep floor
Mop floor
Replenish toilet paper
Replenish soap
New towels out
New Mats out
S & S 2nd Loo

Mt. Washmore:

Take Mt. Washmore to laundry
Sort Mt. Washmore
Mt.Washmore on 1 2 3
Mt. Washmore in dryer 1 2 3
Mt. Foldmore 1 2 3
Mt. Foldmore away 1 2 3


Check Chooks
Feed Chooks
Check water
Check Ponds
Fill ponds if needed
Feed fish
Water pot plants
Fertilize pot plants

Lounge Room:

5 Minute Tidy
Clean out fire place
Sweep floor

Dining Room:
Sweep floor

15 Minute Tidy Table? 1 2 3


Tidy Dust
Sweep floor
Clean Anna & Belle's area

Evening Routine:

Clothes out for Tomorrow
Post Tomorrow's to do list
Print off tomorrows to do list
10 Minute Hotspot Patrol
Put bedside lamps on
S & S Bathroom after Joshua's shower
Ice-cream Time
Down Time with Antony & Embroidery
Tuck Joshua in
In bed @ 11:00pm Jilly NO later!!!

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