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Monday, December 6, 2010

*~*It's Terrific Tuesday*~*

Good Morning Girls, I am getting in early we are off early to have Breakfast at HJ's Joshua asked especially if we could do it so that something for him to look forward to!! Then we have to go to a meeting for him in the afternoon!

*~*~*Jilly's To Do List*~*~*

Morning Routine:

Prayer ♥Done♥
Medication ♥Done♥
Feed Anna/Belle ♥Done♥
Anna/Belle in out

Puter Time:

Read E-mails ♥Done♥
Read Blogs ♥Done♥
Read News ♥Done♥
Make Phone calls ♥Done♥
Face Book ♥Done♥

Family Things:

Out to HJ's for Breakfast ♥Done♥
Visit Mum & Dad ♥Done♥
Fill pill boxes A ♥Done♥ J ♥Done♥ M ♥Done♥

*~*Jilly's Time*~*

Shower/Wash Hair ♥Done♥
Dress to shoes ♥Done♥
Hair & Makeup ♥Done♥
Perfume ♥Done♥
Jewellery ♥Done♥

Home Up Keep:

Paint door to little cupboard ♥Done♥

Time out Shopping:

IGA ♥Done♥
Spotlight ♥Done♥


Unpack dishwasher ♥Done♥
Put dishes away ♥Done♥
What’s for dinner? Take out
Re-stake dishwasher ♥Done♥
Dishwasher on ♥Done♥

Ant's & My Bedroom:

Make bed ♥Done♥

Joshua's Bedroom:
Make bed ♥Done♥


S & S Bathroom ♥Done♥
S & S 2nd Loo ♥Done♥


Check Chooks ♥Done♥
Feed Chooks ♥Done♥
Check water ♥Done♥
Check Ponds ♥Done♥
Fill ponds if needed ♥Done♥
Feed fish ♥Done♥

Lounge Room:

5 Minute Tidy ♥Done♥

15 Minute Tidy Table? 1 2 3


Clean Anna & Belle's area ♥Done♥

Evening Routine:

Clothes out for Tomorrow ♥Done♥
Post Tomorrow's to do list ♥Done♥
Print off tomorrows to do list ♥Done♥
10 Minute Hotspot Patrol ♥Done♥
Put bedside lamps on ♥Done♥
S & S Bathroom after Joshua's shower ♥Done♥
Dinner ♥Done♥
Ice-cream Time ♥Done♥
Down Time ♥Done♥
Tuck Joshua in ♥Done♥
In bed ♥Done♥

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