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Saturday, May 14, 2011


I always thought that an addiction was something like smoking, drinking, swearing, the taking or abusing of bad drugs.............and the list could go on and on.  But never did I think that something as harmless as playing a game could be classed as an addiction.

However, the other evening I noticed that I had burnt dinner while playing Farmville. Then I started to think about all the other evenings where dinner looked a little browner than normal - sadly! As I began to think about it, I noticed that there was a link between me cooking dinner and the time I would be harvesting some crop I had planted in the game. I started to think about it and pray about it -  I had never been the kind of wife and mother that had burnt meals before or burnt biscuits, slices or cakes.

But strangely enough, I started realizing that I was so preoccupied  with the game that I was falling behind in my house work and my cooking, baking and washing. After a while, I talked to my precious Hubby, and I decided that I really wanted to give my family my undivided attention - not a silly make-believe game. So I decide to cancel the game, cancel all e-mails, and I asked my friends not to send me any more gifts. At first I thought I would really miss playing the game, but - NO - to my amazement, I don't! I have gotten so much more done in our home, I have had more time to stay in touch with friends, and I have done so much more of my quilt. I am so much more happy and content, and I haven't burnt dinner since.
Farmville is not bad for everyone, but it was for me because I wanted to do a good job of it and it stopped me from doing the things a Godly wife and Mama should be doing!

Now I feel I am addicted to the right things: enjoying life with my family!!!


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