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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

*~*~*Brave Men*~*~*

I think none of us who were not directly involved with 911 will ever know the pain that those who lost family and friends live with moment by moment of everyday; day in day out! I hope I never know the pain of losing the love of my life to ...some mad man who thinks it's ok to kill just because I didn’t agree with how he viewed things. Or lose a child I carried for nine month then brought up with love that is unmeasurable. I don't know if I could stand by and not feel as if I to would want to rejoice even if for only a moment!
Antony is the love of my life he has been for 31+ years and Joshua, Johanna and Timothy are both mine and Antony’s whole world. My wider family means more to me than words could ever tell!! So yes when I think of all the love I feel for them sadly, I know that if it had happened to me I would most probably want blood too!
I am not saying I would be right in feeling this. I am just saying that for me to be honest; my love for my family and friends would most defiantly win out in the end!
I hope I have not offended any one that is not my intent. I just felt I needed to be honest about how I feel about those I love. oxoxoxoxo

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