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Monday, October 4, 2010

*~*~*Cleaning and Baking~**~

baking.jpg baking image by rypequayejones

Today I am working in my kitchen I need to do some cleaning and then hopefully some baking!! 

My kitchen is my favorite room in the home, I guess because thats where I had my special talks with our daughter while she would sit on my bench top and tell me all her secrets and hopes and dreams. I am so happy that she found the love of her life in our precious Timothy and that they are so happily married God has really blessed us!!

But OH! I miss those day of talking in my kitchen and sharing all her dreams and hopes!
I even miss the tears and the cuddles and hugs we would share!!

Wow!! Now I can't wait to see her on Saturday night just to hug her and once again tell her that she is everything I wanted in a daughter!!! 
I love you my Beauty!!!

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