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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today is the starting of a new working week. For me it is the first day of the week of working in my home! I praise God so much for my home and don't take it for granted as I know the miracle it took for us to build it. It was God working on our behalf all the way. My wonderful parents paid the $300.00 deposit and God did the rest! $300.00 doesn't sound like a lot however that was 20 years ago and to us it was a lot of money. :o)
It’s not a large home in fact we call it our cottage because it is so small! However, that was how we wanted it. We wanted to be able to fill every corner every nook with something that reminded us of our love for our family and our love for each other!
Our home has been a shelter from the storms, both natural and life’s journeys. A place where, we have made memories both good and bad; a place where we have been healed from hurts and a place where we have all become closer to God and each other!
 It has also been a place where our precious children have grown up! A place where our precious son-in-law has courted our daughter! It was such a blessing to see them fall in love. It has been a place where we have shared many meals with him getting to know him!
It has also been a place where God has taught Antony and I to trust Him and not to trust our bank account, God is so good!!! He has used our home for so many wonderful lessons in life!
So as I scrub the bathroom today, or as I scrub the kitchen. Or go through the stuff that my Mum and Dad gave us after their big move. I shall remember that it all started with a wonderful blessing from God!!
I do not clean and tidy my home begrudgingly. I do it know that I am so blessed to have it and that I have it because my wonderful Hubby worked hard for us to have it many times working two jobs so I could be at home for our children while they were small! Also remembering my parents gift of love and know just how much God loves us as a family!

I wish all that read this a wonderful day, getting to know your family and hopefully getting to know God that bit more!

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