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Sunday, August 17, 2014

*~*Johanna's 30th Birthday*~*

Sadly this is the only one with Joshua in it as he was having bad trouble with double vision and had to stay on Jen's bed! :( 

Birthday cakes in a martini glass!
 Blowing out the candles!

 Food and more food!
 .......and more food!
 My precious parents!
Johanna's food tummy she had so much fun! I love the fact that she can eat and get a food tummy but one hour later it is gone! I eat and my food tummy doesn't go away! It's still there 20 years later! OH! To be young again! :) 

Our precious Birthday Girl; I can't believe she is now 30!

My wonderful and Mama and daughter!

My precious, precious sister and our Birthday Girl.

The love of my life and our amazing daughter.

Our most precious two; Hubby and Wife for almost 10 years!

Back to Omie and Granddaughter!

My wonderful sister Jens who made this night possible! I love you so much words fail me my Jens!
Timothy is such a wonderful blessing and Hubby he was so sick this night and yet he make it for his


My Darling Daddy he  is truly a man after God's own heart!

 Mama and Daughter I am so proud of my Baby and love to the moon and back a billion times and more!

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